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Shree Ram Lalla Ayodhya Statue By Upharkaro

Rs. 1100.00

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This Shree Ram Lalla Ayodhya Statue is a divine representation of the revered deity, Lord Rama, in his infant form as Ram Lalla. Meticulously crafted with intricate detail, this statue captures the innocence and divine presence of Lord Rama as a child. Lord Ram Lalla is depicted in a serene and innocent posture, radiating purity and divine grace. His gentle expression and divine aura evoke a sense of peace and spiritual upliftment, inviting devotees to connect with his divine energy.  Invite blessings of divine love, protection, and spiritual guidance into your life with this exquisite Shree Ram Lalla Ayodhya statue.

  • Ideal Gift: This Shree Ram Lalla Ayodhya Statue  makes a meaningful and auspicious gift for weddings, anniversaries, housewarmings, spiritual occasions, Car dashboard or anyone seeking love and spiritual awakening.
  • Material - Shree Ram Lalla Ayodhya Statue is expertly crafted using premium Resin. It is easily cleanable by wet/Dry Cotton Cloth.
  • Dimension - This Shree Ram Lalla Ayodhya Statue Weight is 372 Grams and Height 17.5 Centimeter
  • Packaging: Your Shree Ram Lalla Ayodhya Statue will be thoughtfully packaged foam and bubble packing with special box to ensure its safe and secure delivery to your doorstep.